Rapid Growth of Livestock Products in Latin America and Their Challenges – Livestock products have significance in the world. So far, there is no crisis regarding the supplies of the livestock products. These thank to some countries that can provide significant supplies of products that can be exported to many countries. In this case, Latin America can get the attention. During last two decades, Latin America has developed well and the countries in this area can improve its production rates. The area of Latin America may not be totally huge compared to other continents. However, in the last two decades, big changes have occurred and these make Latin America has vital role in supplies of livestock products in many countries. Even, some data show that quarter of world’s beef currently comes from Latin America. That is why it is interesting to see the information regarding this.

Rapid growth and huge increases of livestock products in Latin America occurs in last two decades. Since 2000 until now, countries in Latin America can gain great growth and this brings good effects on economy and food security. Some issues regarding nutritional deficiencies are also solved because of the significant growth occurred in Latin America. In short, those countries in Latin America have better condition because of the livestock production and the impacts also show good effect in the whole world. In this case, some interesting data can be checked to see the real rapid growth. In general, one of the greatest growths from 2000 to 2018 can be seen in poultry production. Its growth is totally great because it reaches 112.2%. Then, the next place is pork that its growth reaches more than 64%. Beef and milk production also has its own raise in percentage although it is nearly around 30%.

There are some reasons that lead to the rapid development in livestock production in Latin America. One of them is the adoption of production technology and it is supported by the new practices to support the management. Government’s support also plays important role in this. As for its growth, mostly it is dominated by some countries. So far, three countries become top of charts in term of its production. The three countries are Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. These three countries cover up to 85% of the whole livestock products in Latin America. First place is Brazil and it has the most significant growth. Even when it is compared the countries in the second and third place, Brazil still have its domination. In general, beef is the product with highest production rate. Brazil can provide around 52% of the total supplies in Latin America. Even during the last two decades, Brazil has rapid growth and it reaches 45%. One of the main factors in the development is government support in finance that it provides aids for the private enterprises to grow bigger. Then, breeding program and genetic improvements also has their roles in the growth. In addition to beef, poultry, pork, milk, and sheep meat are also higher in comparison to Mexico and Argentina. Argentina gets the second place and it is mostly because of their beef productions that cover 16% in Latin America. However, the other products from Mexico are higher, such as in milk, sheep meat, poultry, and pork.

The other countries in Latin America also have its own growth but it still cannot be compared to what are achieved by the top three counties. In general, Latin America really gets great improvement. Meanwhile, different situation occurs in Central America. When Latin America reaches its peak in 2018, Central America has to face problems. A serious drought occurred in 2018 and it is called as Dry Corridor. These occurred in some countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. The bad situation is not only in 2018. Four years before the Dry Corridor, Central America was hit by severe drought and this got worsened after El Nino hit them in 2015. These made many livestock industries in Central America could not survive and many businesses collapsed. Even, 82% of families that become victims of Dry Corridor have to sell their lands and farming tools to survive and buy foods.

The growth may be significant. However, it does not mean that Latin America can relax with the great achievement. There are challenges coming to these countries. One of them is lack of infrastructure, without proper infrastructure, it will be hard to maintain and manage the development, and it also includes the growth in inventories. Then, the growth has brought significant changes on solving the poverty. However, some farmers in rural area still have lack of access to the market so they focus on survival instead of bringing their products to commercial markets. These farmers should get concerns of government in each country so they can also get the good benefits of rapid growth that has occurred. The small livestock producers should get more access for the technologies and access to sell their products. Trainings and other concerns should be given to them to make them experiences the growth.